It's a Buyers Market. Shop Around

There are hundreds of companies offering over 4000 different mortgages, which means there's a lot of competition for your money.

It's what's called a buyers market so you're in a stronger position to shop around than you may think.

The worse mistake you can make is to think "I'm not worthy" and grab the first mortgage that comes along. Take your time and shop around.

Of course the lenders traditionally give the impression that they're doing you a favour by even considering little old you for such a huge loan.

The truth is they want you. If they don't seem keen for your business they're probably not doing their jobs.

Making Comparisons

Having decided which type of mortgage you want, shop around for the best deal on offer.

Make sure the comparison is accurate by getting "like for like" quotes from the lenders ie for the same amount borrowed over the same period.

The most obvious thing to check is the "Headline Interest Rate". But this may be misleading. The real comparison will be in the APR.

Look at any application fees, the cost of the valuation and survey and so on.