• Where do you want to buy? What part of the country or city? How close to a particular school, job / commuting access etc.
  • Bear in mind the differences in price of being just in or just out of a fashionable area. And remember that once run down areas can become very expensive - after the students, artists and sundry bohemians made them trendy while they were cheap. (But beware the dangers of "fantasy addresses" ie buying near a trendy area on the basis that you're actually in the trendy area when, no, actually, you're not. Read more)
  • If a new transport link - or other facility - is going to be built nearby then a property could soar in value

What size do you need? How many rooms / bathrooms? Want a garden? and so on.

By Getting a Mortgage in Principle you will have an idea of what size you can afford in your chosen location.

If you don't have a clear idea on what you're looking for and can't narrow down your options it could make your search longer and impractical.

Checking the area

The internet has made available a wealth of information on all the different factors affecting each area of your city.

A lot of this is marketing information that previously was only available to commercial companies planning their sales campaigns etc.

However now you can get a picture of the area you're thinking about living in. For example, details on schools, health, crime, social conditions, services, facilities and much more.